Nothing quite holy or unoriginal about Banal. Low-fi, groovy house-cuts from the young San Fransiscian. Took the East-Coast catalogue and made it west-coast analogue. In L33thol and Circumvent you’ll find two hypnotizing, slow house jams. The surplus is for your angry haze needs, perfect for nasty basement floors. Comes with cutey Oso Feo expanding DruneDrune with a breathadding remix.


Swarm Trap


Feeling trapped within contemporary boundaries, Henge has dismayed from a certain stiffness in his ordinary ways of production. By flying to the edges of industrial Techno he has created a place of opposition, where straight rhythms are barely perceivable and haunting melodies made of broken sounds dictate...




I’m swept away like molten chocolate in a blender. The rotation is dizzying, the silence overpowering. How did I get here? What is this place? I try to reach out, but the void is like treacle and I hardly seem to move. Mischievous arms spin their way like cloudy arms towards me. I wave them away. They wave back. How did I get here? How do I get out? I don’t even know out from in. From my vantage point it’s hard to tell. I narrow my eyes and peer at the beckoning distance, measuring unsuccessfully. A stones throw could be miles away. Where am I?




KRILLL, a versatile producer who feeds his music with his own aggression and frustrations. The result is a 3-track EP with brutal basslines and jaw-dropping sounds. His energetic personality manifests itself in contagious upbeat rhythms and rolling stomp-Techno with a sinister juke-feel. The music he generates is testament to his ever-restless desire to set up and shape sound.


Tangram People


LEM’s productions have an unbelievable raw feeling. While paying enormous attention to the details in his tracks he creates cluttered, collar-grabbing techno. His music is composed of layers of intensively squashed and processed sounds, which are atmospheric, aggressive and fast-paced. Layers of experimental beats which will leave the faint hearted in fear.



Bastard Sugar

A sliver of hope shines on the grey and bleak landscape of the post-apocalyptic world. Bastard Sugar, the lone wanderer in the wasteland, has spent a long time scavenging for the musical ingredients for his concoction. But here, among the fumes and ashes of past experiments, lies the result of his hardships. Our producer removes his gasmask, takes off his gloves, and tastes a pinch of his own creation.