Bastard Sugar - Aftersound

A sliver of hope shines on the grey and bleak landscape of the post-apocalyptic world. Bastard Sugar, the lone wanderer in the wasteland, has spent a long time scavenging for the musical ingredients for his concoction. But here, among the fumes and ashes of past experiments, lies the result of his hardships. Our producer removes his gasmask, takes off his gloves, and tastes a pinch of his own creation. In the dull grayness of the world in tatters, he gives you a nasty but tasty beatsweetness right from his cave studio, which presents you with a welcome diversion from the ‘heard-one-heard-them-all’ music industry. Mellow ambient-like sounds merge with contagious rhythms, in tracks that maintain an addictive groove at all times. Let Bastard Sugar take you to another world with Aftersound, the like of which you’ve never heard before.