Hypnotized - Daphne

I’m swept away like molten chocolate in a blender. The rotation is dizzying, the silence overpowering. How did I get here? What is this place? I try to reach out, but the void is like treacle and I hardly seem to move. Mischievous arms spin their way like cloudy arms towards me. I wave them away. They wave back. How did I get here? How do I get out? I don’t even know out from in. From my vantage point it’s hard to tell. I narrow my eyes and peer at the beckoning distance, measuring unsuccessfully. A stones throw could be miles away. Where am I? And how far is far when you don’t know where you are? I call out, trying to pierce the calm, but unseen walls echo my words in a voice that isn’t mine. My shouts become whispers, while my mumbles turn into deafening roars. How did I end up here? Where was I before? I try to backtrack, but keep getting to where I’m going to be. My circle is vicious, but inverted. Realization dawns, like headlights suddenly coming over the hill. I’m in my chair, where I’ve always been. The void is filled and my senses make sense once more. The screen looks at me askance, posing me a question: Repeat Track? And then it all starts to ring a bell. Yes, oh yes.